Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oxford 06-05-2012

After spending the majority of the day at Popham we called in at Oxford on the way back north, the usual respectable log was given.

D-EAWW Piper PA-28
EC-HZH Metro
G-AOTY Chipmunk
G-BCVY Piper PA-34
G-BEAG Piper PA-34
G-BEJV Piper PA-34
G-BHFH Piper PA-34
G-BHYG Piper PA-34
G-BHYP Cessna 172
G-BOUL Piper PA-34
G-BOUM Piper PA-34
G-BTRY Piper PA-28
G-BWTD Zlin Z242
G-CERX 125
G-CGAW Beech 200
G-CYLS Cessna 303
G-DLAL Beech E90
G-GAFA Piper PA-34
G-GIPC Piper PA-32
G-GMED Piper PA-42
G-GOAC Piper PA-34
G-MPLA Cessna 182
G-MPLB Cessna 182
G-NUDD Phenom 100
G-OBBO Cessna 182
G-RBNS Legacy
G-ROUS Piper PA-34
G-SRBN Phenom 100
M-MRBB Learjet 45
N45WL CL601
N536K Beech 36

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