Friday, 22 June 2012

Lasham 05-05-2012

After spending most of the day at Popham we called in at Lasham to see what we could of the airliners. There wasn't much gliding activity going on as the weather wasn't very favourable creating any thermals.

5N-BLH B737 S7 (Stored)
G-BCHT Schleicher ASK 16
G-BSFF Robin
G-CFYY Schleicher ASK 13 (S)
G-DDNZ Schleicher K 8 B (DNZ)
G-DEVP Schleicher ASK 13 (K)
G-DFEO Schleicher ASK 13 (M)
G-PJPJ Boeing B737 Astraeus (Stored)
LN-KKS Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
M-ABES Boeing B737 (Stored)
N309MS Boeing B737 Air One (Stored)
N587SC Boeing B737 (Stored)
N908JE Boeing B737 (Stored)
SX-RFA Boeing B757 GainJet
VP-BAA Boeing B727 (Stored)
VP-CMO Boeing B727 MK Airlines (Stored)
VP-CZY Boeing B727 (Stored)
YA-PIE Boeing B737 Pamir Airways (Stored)

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