Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Breighton 18-09-2011

Another visit to Breighton for the helicopter fly-in. While this event may not have the numbers of some of the other events it still attracted some very nice helicopters! Including the first non demonstrator R66 in the UK along with a nice Bell 47 & even the RAF chipped in with a Merlin!

G-AJEI    Auster    
G-ATDO    Bolkow 208  

G-AVXD    Tipsy Nipper           

G-BDJD    Jodel     

G-BFXW    AA-5 

G-BFYI    Bell 47        

G-BPLZ    Hughes 369        

G-BRPF    Ce 120        

G-BXRV    RV-4        

G-BYYN    Quantum        

G-CEKA    R44  

G-CFIA    SkyRanger    

G-CGSH    Eurostar        

G-CJLL    R44        

G-FBPL    PA-34        

G-GATE    R44      

G-GTJM    Ec120  

G-HGRB    R44       

G-NPKJ    RV-6        

G-OIVN    Liberty XL2        

G-ORUG    Thruster 

G-PAWL    PA-28      

G-PDGI    As350        

G-PMGG    Bell 206

G-RVNS    RV-4     

G-TIVV    Eurostar        

G-UTTS    R44     

G-ZZLE (XX436)  
G-ZZLE    Gazelle    (XX436)    

HA-PPC    Alouette II        

N4478K    R66       

N9362    Alouette III        

N9422    Bell 206       

ZJ119 (C)
ZJ119    Merlin    RAF    (C)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wolverhampton - Halfpenny Green (EGBO) 11-09-2011

Sadly the "Wings & Wheels" event was disappionting, with a very low aircraft turn out & a generally "flat" atmosphere around the airfield. You also couldn't help but think the flying schools were missing out on business by not having displays set out! By the time we left at 2PM almost all displays were well into the process of shutting up shop.

D-EHAY    Robin   
G-ASUS    Jurca Tempete   
G-ATFF    PA-23    (WFU)
G-AWEL    Fournier RF4    

G-AYZH    Taylor Titch   
G-AZAW    GY-80  

G-AZMZ    Rallye    (Stored)
G-BFOE    Ce 152   
G-BGRR    PA-38    

G-BLGV    JetRanger    

G-BLZH    Ce 152   
G-BOGM    PA-28   
G-BPKR    PA-28   
G-BPNI    R22   
G-BREP    PA-28   
G-BSGL    PA-28   
G-BTBA    R22   
G-BVLG    As355    

G-CDVV (XX626)
G-CDVV    Bulldog    (XX626)
G-CJBC    PA-28   
G-GCDC    SR20    

G-GFIB    Ce 152   
G-GMSI    TB9   
G-HEOI    Ec135   
G-JIMH    Ce 152   

G-KCIN    PA-28   
G-LACA    PA-28   
G-LBRC    PA-28   
G-OBDA    Da 20   
G-OMCC    As350    (O/H)
G-PHYZ    Jabiru   
G-PLAJ    Jetstream 31   
G-REAS    RV-6   

G-RJMS    PA-28   
G-SIVJ    Gazelle   
G-TANS    TB20   
G-TEFC    PA-28   
G-TGER    AA-5   
G-WARB    PA-28   
G-YPSY    Andreasson BA4   
N405FD    Siai 260   
XE597    Hunter    (Nose Only)

ZJ257    As350   

Langar 11-09-2011

With the British Parachute Association boogie taking place the school at Langar had borrowed a few extra aircraft in to help with the incease in jumpers. Throughout the week a variety of aircraft had been used, from helicopter to modified Tiger Moth bi-planes! Sadly as the weather (especially the wind) hadn't been kind to them by this time only 2 of the extra aircraft remained.

D-IEXE    Beech 99
RA-3677K    Antonov 28

East Midlands (EMA, EGNX) 11-09-2011

A stop on the way across to Langar to see the ZS- Herc and we managed to see some other intersting aircraft.

CS-TEI    A310       
CS-TEX    A310       
EI-DAH    B737    Ryanair   
EI-EAB    A300    DHL   
G-BBDS    PA-31       
G-BFBU    Partenavia P68       
G-BIKC    B757    DHL   
G-BIKO    B757    DHL   
G-BMJD    Ce 152       
G-BODY    Ce 310       
G-EXEX    Ce 404       
G-OETV    PA-31       
G-OIMC    Ce 152    

G-ONIG    Murphy Elite       
G-VIPP    PA-31       
G-VIPY    PA-31       
G-VKGO    Phenom       
HB-IUT    IAI Galaxy       
LZ-BHF    A320    Balkan Holidays   
M-RWGW    Learjet 45       
N112EA    Eclipse EA500       
N184VB    Ce 441       
N289CW    Ce 303       
N497XP    Beech 400XP       
N719EL    Beech 400XP       
N71VE    Rockwell 690       
OY-BTZ    PA-31       
XW664    Nimrod    RAF    (Stored)
ZS-JIZ    Hercules       

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sywell (ORM, EGBK) 04-09-2011

A visit to Sywell for the Saturday of this years LAA rally, the attendnace was greater than last year as the news spreads around the GA community. Included in this log are based aircraft & aircraft contaned within the various sales exbits.

Pictures To Follow

59CVE    Lambert Mission M106
D-EEAH    Bolkow 208
D-EGCC    Robin
F-PDHV    Verhees Delta
F-PDSL    RV-8
F-PGAK    RV-6
F-PGKL    Europa
F-PKRL    Europa
F-PRVB    RV-8
G-ADMT    Hornet Moth
G-AELO    Hornet Moth
G-AERV    Whitney Straight
G-AEXF    Mew Gull
G-AFYO    Stinson Voyager
G-AGMI    Luscombe 8
G-AICX    Luscombe 8
G-AJIT    Auster
G-AJKB    Luscombe 8
G-AKIN    Messenger
G-AKUO    Aeronca Chief
G-AKUW    Super Ace
G-AKVN    Aeronca Chief
G-ALEH    PA-17
G-ALXZ    Auster
G-AMEN    Super Cub
G-AMHF    Tiger Moth
G-AMTV    Tiger Moth
G-ANMO    Tiger Moth
G-ANTE    Tiger Moth
G-AOJK    Tiger Moth
G-APBO    Turbi
G-APPM    Chipmunk
G-APRO    Auster
G-ARAM    Super Cub
G-ARAN    Super Cub
G-ARCS    Auster
G-ARKS    PA-22
G-ARUI    Beagle Terrier
G-ARXT    Jodel
G-ARXU    Auster
G-ASAU    Rallye
G-ASCC    Auster
G-ASCZ    Emeraude
G-ASWX    PA-28
G-ASXI    Tipsy Nipper
G-ASZS    GY-80
G-ATAV    Condor
G-ATEF    Ce 150
G-ATEZ    PA-28
G-ATFD    Jodel
G-ATHR    PA-28
G-ATOK    PA-28
G-ATOR    PA-28
G-ATSL    Ce 172
G-ATWA    Jodel
G-AVEU    Wassmer Baladou
G-AVEX    Condor
G-AVLB    PA-28
G-AVLN    Pup
G-AVOZ    PA-28
G-AVRW    Minicab
G-AVXD    Tipsy Nipper
G-AWLZ    Fournier RF-4
G-AWOU    Ce 170
G-AWVG    Airtourer
G-AWVZ    Jodel
G-AWWE    Pup
G-AWYI    BE2C Replica
G-AXAT    Jodel
G-AXCA    PA-28
G-AXCG    Jodel
G-AXIE    Pup
G-AXJI    Pup
G-AXNP    Pup
G-AXZO    Ce 180
G-AYBR    Jodel
G-AYEJ    Jodel
G-AYFC    Condor
G-AYGD    Jodel
G-AYGG    Jodel
G-AYKT    Jodel
G-AYPS    Super Cub
G-AYSH    Taylor Monoplane
G-AYUT    Jodel
G-AZCV    Pup
G-AZHC    Jodel
G-AZHI    Airtourer
G-AZJC    Fournier RF-5
G-AZLV    Ce 172
G-AZMC    Slingsby Falke
G-AZVL    Jodel
G-BAAW    Jodel
G-BACE    Fournier RF-5
G-BAMU    Robin
G-BAPX    Robin
G-BASH    AA-5
G-BASJ    PA-28
G-BBBB    Taylor Monoplane
G-BBPP    PA-28
G-BCGM    Jodel
G-BCPD    Minicab
G-BCPN    AA-5
G-BCVB    PA-17
G-BCWH    Sprite 115
G-BCYH    Privateer Mk 3
G-BDJD    Jodel
G-BDNG    Taylor Monoplane
G-BDOG    Bulldog
G-BDWM    Bonsall Mustang
G-BEDD    Jodel
G-BEPV    Fokker Instructor
G-BERA    Rallye
G-BETD    Robin
G-BETE    Luton Beta
G-BEZZ    Jodel
G-BFBA    Jodel
G-BFEH    Jodel
G-BFNG    Jodel
G-BFNI    PA-28
G-BFXW    AA-5
G-BGBE    Jodel
G-BGHY    Taylor Monoplane
G-BGPI    Plumb Biplane
G-BGWO    Jodel
G-BHJN    Fournier RF-4
G-BHNL    Jodel
G-BHRW    Jodel
G-BHXS    Jodel
G-BIAP    PA-16
G-BIJB    Super Cub
G-BIJU    Emeraude
G-BIPN    Fournier RF-3
G-BIYW    Jodel
G-BIZF    Ce 172
G-BJBW    PA-28
G-BJOT    Jodel
G-BJXZ    Ce 172
G-BKDX    Jodel
G-BKET    Super Cub
G-BKPE    Jodel
G-BKRF    Super Cub
G-BKRH    Brugger Colibri
G-BLHS    Citabria
G-BLKM    Jodel
G-BLMN    Long-Ez
G-BLMW    Tipsy Nipper
G-BNIO    Luscombe 8
G-BNMO    Ce 182
G-BNRG    PA-28
G-BOBY    Sonerai
G-BOGI    Robin
G-BOIB    Tailwind
G-BOIC    PA-28
G-BOKW    Bolkow 208
G-BOPD    BD-4
G-BPHR    Tiger Moth
G-BPIZ    AA-5
G-BPMX    ARV Super 2
G-BPRX    Aeronca Chief
G-BPTA    Voyager
G-BPVA    Ce 172
G-BPYJ    Tailwind
G-BRDO    Ce 177
G-BROO    Luscombe 8
G-BROR    Cub
G-BRUG    Luscombe 8
G-BRWR    Aeronca Chief
G-BRXP    Stampe
G-BRXW    PA-24
G-BSBT    Cub
G-BSDJ    Cub
G-BSMN    CFM Shadow
G-BSRI    Lancair 235
G-BSTL    Rand KR-2
G-BSVS    Robin
G-BSXS    PA-28
G-BTBU    Super Cub
G-BTBW    Ce 120
G-BTBY    PA-17
G-BTCH    Luscombe 8
G-BTDT    Jungmann
G-BTET    Cub
G-BTGM    Aeronca Champion
G-BTIJ    Luscombe 8
G-BTKP    CFM Shadow
G-BTRI    Aeronca Chief
G-BTRT    PA-28
G-BUCO    Aircamper
G-BUDW    Colibri
G-BUEC    RV-6
G-BUKR    Rallye
G-BULC    Avid Flyer
G-BUNC    Wilga
G-BUWK    Rans S6
G-BUYS    Robin
G-BVAI    PZL-110
G-BVDC    RV-3
G-BVDP    Falco
G-BVRZ    Super Cub
G-BVVR    Playboy
G-BWFN    Sygnet
G-BWMB    Jodel
G-BWNY    Super Ximango
G-BWPS    CFM Shadow
G-BWTK    RAF 2000
G-BWYI    Kitfox
G-BXAN    Falke
G-BXDO    Cozy
G-BXDU    Pulsar
G-BXHT    Midget Mustang
G-BXHY    Europa
G-BXLN    Fournier RF-4
G-BXRV    RV-4
G-BXWH    Kitfox
G-BYBE    Jodel
G-BYCZ    Jabiru
G-BYFM    Jodel
G-BYFY    CAP-10
G-BYIM    Jabiru
G-BYJT    Zenair CH601
G-BZAR    Kitfox
G-BZGR    Rans S6
G-BZHG    Tecnam P92
G-BZHU    Sport Trainer
G-BZJM    VPM M-16
G-BZJV    Jungmann
G-BZLK    Motor Tutor
G-BZLV    Jabiru
G-BZMF    Long-Ez
G-BZNY    Europa
G-BZOB    Slepcev Storch
G-BZOI    Menestrel
G-BZRV    RV-6
G-BZUH    Rans S6
G-BZWJ    CFM Shadow
G-CBAS    Rans S6
G-CBHM    Mainair Blade
G-CBHP    Corby Starlet
G-CBIV    SkyRanger
G-CBJG    Chipmunk
G-CBJR    Eurostar
G-CBLZ    Long-Ez
G-CBNJ    X'Air
G-CBNX    Bensen B8
G-CBPI    PA-28
G-CCCE    Foxbat
G-CCCJ    Menestrel
G-CCEF    Europa
G-CCFW    FW 190 Replica
G-CCIY    SkyRanger
G-CCOV    Europa
G-CCRK    Luscombe 8
G-CCSR    Eurostar
G-CCUI    MCR-01
G-CCVS    RV-6
G-CCZN    Rans S6
G-CDBY    MCR-01
G-CDCH    SkyRanger
G-CDDY    RV-8
G-CDFD    Falke
G-CDJR    Eurostar
G-CDME    RV-7
G-CDMN    RV-9
G-CDRV    RV-9
G-CDSC    Falke
G-CDTL    Jabiru
G-CDXS    Eurostar
G-CEAM    Eurostar
G-CEAT    Zenair CH601
G-CECF    Jabiru
G-CECV    RV-7
G-CECY    Eurostar
G-CEID    RV-7
G-CEIG    RV-7
G-CEIW    Europa
G-CEJE    Tailwind
G-CEJY    Dynamic
G-CENA    MCR-01
G-CENB    Eurostar
G-CEND    Eurostar
G-CEOM    Jabiru
G-CEOW    Europa
G-CEPM    Jabiru
G-CESA    Jodel
G-CETB    Robin
G-CETS    RV-7
G-CEVY    MT-03
G-CEYM    RV-6
G-CFAP    ZJ-Viera
G-CFEO    Eurostar
G-CFEZ    SportCruiser
G-CFIC    Jodel
G-CFIH    Saphir
G-CFKE    X'Air
G-CFLN    SkyRanger
G-CFMI    SkyRanger
G-CFSB    Tecnam P2002
G-CFSK    MCR-01
G-CFTT    RV-7
G-CGGW    MTO Sport
G-CGJI    SkyRanger
G-CGJS    SportCruiser
G-CGMH    Jodel
G-CGML    Sting Carbon
G-CGMW    Pioneer 200
G-CGOG    Eurostar
G-CGOM    Flight Design MC
G-CGPO    Sting Carbon
G-CGYG    EuroFox
G-CRUI    SportCruiser
G-CRWZ    SportCruiser
G-CUIK    Quickie
G-CVMI    Super Cub
G-CYRA    Twinstar
G-DEEZ    Kitfox
G-DGHI    MCR-01
G-DHAH    Champion
G-DHZF    Tiger Moth
G-DISO    Jodel
G-DRPK    Escapade
G-DUDE    RV-8
G-DUDZ    Robin
G-EERV    RV-6
G-EFCM    PA-28
G-EGGS    Robin
G-EGGZ    SkyRanger
G-EHBJ    Jungmann
G-EITE    Luscombe 8
G-EKIM    Pioneer 300
G-EMIN    Europa
G-ENST    SportCruiser
G-EORJ    Europa
G-ETME    Nord 1002
G-EVPH    Eurostar
G-EVSL    Eurostar
G-FAMH    Zenair CH701
G-FARR    Jodel
G-FCSP    Robin
G-FELX    SportCruiser
G-FIJJ    Ce 177
G-FILL    PA-31
G-FITY    Europa
G-FLAV    PA-28
G-FLYB    Ikars C42
G-FMKA    Super Dimona
G-FOGI    Europa
G-FOKK    Fokker Dr 1 Replica
G-FOXZ    Kitfox
G-FRNK    SkyRanger
G-GATT    R44
G-GBCC    Ikars C42
G-GDRV    RV-6
G-GLII    Great Lakes Sport Trainer
G-GLST    Great Lakes Sport Trainer
G-GOLF    TB10
G-GRVY    RV-8
G-GSAL    Fokker E III Replica
G-GTSO    GT450
G-GYAT    GY-80
G-HACE    RV-6
G-HEMZ    A109
G-HMPS    SportCruiser
G-HRLM    Colibri
G-HUEW    Europa
G-IANI    Europa
G-IASM    Beech 200
G-IGHT    RV-8
G-IIIK    Extra 300
G-IIXF    RV-7
G-IMCD    RV-7
G-IMEA    Beech 200
G-IMMI    Escapade Kid
G-INTS    RV-4
G-IOSL    RV-9
G-IOSO    Jodel
G-IPSI    Grob 109
G-ISCD    SportCruiser
G-IVER    Europa
G-IVII    RV-7
G-IVOR    Aeronca Chief
G-JAEE    RV-6
G-JAJP    Jabiru
G-JANN    PA-34
G-JBSP    Jabiru
G-JFRV    RV-7
G-JGMN    Jungmann
G-JHKP    Europa
G-JODL    Jodel
G-JONX    EuroFox
G-JRME    Jodel
G-JSRV    RV-6
G-JUGE    Eurostar
G-KATS    PA-28
G-KBOJ    MTO Sport
G-KELZ    RV-8
G-KENW    Robin
G-KHRE    Rallye
G-KITH    Pioneer 300
G-KRES    Glasair
G-LASS    VariEze
G-LESZ    Kitfox
G-LEXX    RV-8
G-LEXY    RV-8
G-LLOY    Pioneer 300
G-LOAD    One Design
G-LUBY    Jabiru
G-LUCK    Ce 150
G-LUCL    Luciole
G-LZII    Laser Z200
G-MCRO    MCR-01
G-MEDX    A109
G-MELL    SportCruiser
G-MIII    Extra 300
G-MNRD    Lazair IIIE
G-MROD    RV-7
G-MSAL    Alcyon
G-MWNR    Murphy Renegade
G-MWPP    CFM Shadow
G-MZEM    Pegasus Quantum
G-NINA    PA-28
G-NIPR    Tipsy Nipper
G-NORK    Bell 206
G-OABB    Jodel
G-OBAZ    SkyRanger
G-OFFO    Extra 300
G-OIVN    Liberty XL2
G-OJVA    RV-6
G-OKER    RV-7
G-OLFZ    Quik GT450
G-ONCS    Tipsy Nipper
G-ONON    RAF 2000
G-OPAZ    Pazmany PL-2
G-OPVM    RV-9
G-ORVI    RV-6
G-OTEC    Tecnam P2002
G-OUDA    Fotbat
G-OVFM    Ce 120
G-OZEE    Speed Wing
G-OZIE    Jabiru
G-PBEC    RV-7
G-PCCC    Pioneer 300
G-PPLO    Fournier RF-4
G-PWUL    RV-6
G-PYPE    RV-7
G-RATD    RV-8
G-RATV    PA-28
G-RATZ    Europa
G-RAYZ    Tecnam P2002
G-RCKT    Harmon Rocket
G-REJP    Europa
G-RHYM    PA-31
G-RIVE    Jodel
G-RMAC    Europa
G-RMIT    RV-4
G-RMPS    RV-12
G-ROLY    Ce 172
G-ROWA    Aquila AT01
G-ROWS    PA-28
G-RPPO    Groppa Trail
G-RRVX    RV-10
G-RUMN    AA-1
G-RVAN    RV-6
G-RVCE    RV-6
G-RVDG    RV-9
G-RVEE    RV-6
G-RVEI    RV-8
G-RVGA    RV-6
G-RVIB    RV-6
G-RVJP    RV-9
G-RVMT    RV-6
G-RVPL    RV-8
G-RVTN    RV-10
G-RVTT    RV-7
G-SACM    Sting Carbon
G-SBRK    Aero AT-3
G-SCRZ    SportCruiser
G-SEVN    RV-7
G-SIMM    Ikarus C42
G-SIZZ    Jabiru
G-SJBI    Pitts Special
G-SKYT    Sky Arrow
G-SPDY    X'Air Hawk
G-STDL    Speedtwin
G-STEE    Eurostar
G-STUN    Sting Carbon
G-SWLL    Aero AT-3
G-SYEL    Aero AT-3
G-SYWL    Aero AT-3
G-TESR    Tecnam P2002
G-TIDS    Jodel
G-TIMP    Aeronca Champion
G-TIMY    GY-80
G-TJDM    RV-6
G-TMAX    Sportstar
G-TREK    Jodel
G-TSGA    PA-28
G-TTDD    Zenair CH 701
G-TUGI    SportCruiser
G-TWSS    Twister
G-UANO    Chipmunk
G-UNES    RV-6
G-UPHI    SkyRanger
G-VCIO    EAA Acrosport
G-VERU    A109
G-VEZE    VariEze
G-VIIZ    SportCruiser
G-VKIT    Europa
G-VORN    Eurostar
G-WELY    A109
G-WHYS    ICP Savannah
G-WILG    Wilga
G-WLDN    R44
G-WOOO    SportCruiser
G-XCUB    Super Cub
G-XLAM    SkyRanger
G-XLNT    Zenair CH 601
G-XRVX    RV-10
G-XXRV    RV-9
G-YARV    ARV Super 2
G-YELO    MT-03
G-ZAAP    SportCruiser
G-ZACE    Ce 172
G-ZARV    ARV Super 2
G-ZEXL    Extra 300
G-ZHKF    Escapade
G-ZTED    Europa
G-ZXCL    Extra 300
G-ZXEL    Extra 300
G-ZXLL    Extra 300
HB-CIU    Ce 172
HB-EUO    Jodel
HB-SOH    Jodel
HB-UOD    Falco
N29566    PA-28
N40GD    SR22
N51AH    PA-32
N5730H    PA-16
N5ZY    TB20
N74DC    Pitts Special
N78097    Globe Swift
N8829P    PA-24
PH-CAQ    Pelican PL
PH-MAN    SportCruiser
PH-VCY    Super Cub
SE-XIP    Thorp T-18