Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wolverhampton - Halfpenny Green (EGBO) 11-09-2011

Sadly the "Wings & Wheels" event was disappionting, with a very low aircraft turn out & a generally "flat" atmosphere around the airfield. You also couldn't help but think the flying schools were missing out on business by not having displays set out! By the time we left at 2PM almost all displays were well into the process of shutting up shop.

D-EHAY    Robin   
G-ASUS    Jurca Tempete   
G-ATFF    PA-23    (WFU)
G-AWEL    Fournier RF4    

G-AYZH    Taylor Titch   
G-AZAW    GY-80  

G-AZMZ    Rallye    (Stored)
G-BFOE    Ce 152   
G-BGRR    PA-38    

G-BLGV    JetRanger    

G-BLZH    Ce 152   
G-BOGM    PA-28   
G-BPKR    PA-28   
G-BPNI    R22   
G-BREP    PA-28   
G-BSGL    PA-28   
G-BTBA    R22   
G-BVLG    As355    

G-CDVV (XX626)
G-CDVV    Bulldog    (XX626)
G-CJBC    PA-28   
G-GCDC    SR20    

G-GFIB    Ce 152   
G-GMSI    TB9   
G-HEOI    Ec135   
G-JIMH    Ce 152   

G-KCIN    PA-28   
G-LACA    PA-28   
G-LBRC    PA-28   
G-OBDA    Da 20   
G-OMCC    As350    (O/H)
G-PHYZ    Jabiru   
G-PLAJ    Jetstream 31   
G-REAS    RV-6   

G-RJMS    PA-28   
G-SIVJ    Gazelle   
G-TANS    TB20   
G-TEFC    PA-28   
G-TGER    AA-5   
G-WARB    PA-28   
G-YPSY    Andreasson BA4   
N405FD    Siai 260   
XE597    Hunter    (Nose Only)

ZJ257    As350   

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