Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cosford 29-05-2012

A pre-arranged tour of the DCAE hangars at Cosford allowed for the viewing of all the instructional airframes currently in use there. The tour was a little rushed & somehow lacked the 'atmosphere' of the tour of Shawbury I'd previously been on, but thanks should be made to whoever organised the Jaguar Jaguar to be outside for a photo opportunity.

G-ATSI Bolkow 208
G-CGKD Grob 115
G-CGKE Grob 115
G-CGKF Grob 115
G-CGKG Grob 115
G-CGKH Grob 115
G-COSF Piper PA-28
G-DKEY Piper PA-28
G-EGIL Christen Eagle
XM362 Jet Provost
XR498 (X)
XR498 Wessex (X)
XV202 C130
XV643 Sea King (62 /PW)
XV653 (63)
XV653 Sea King (63)
XV659 (62)
XV659 Sea King (62)
XV701 (64)
XV701 Sea King ( 64 / N)
XW290 (MA / 41)
XW290 Jet Provost (MA / 41)
XW299 (MB / 60)
XW299 Jet Provost (MB / 60) (Stored)
XW301 (MC / 63)
XW301 Jet Provost (MC) / 63) (Stored)
XW318 (MG / 78)
XW318 Jet Provost (MG / 78) (Stored)
XW320 (71)
XW320 Jet Provost (71)
XW321 (MH / 62)
XW321 Jet Provost (MH / 62)
XW327 (62)
XW327 Jet Provost (62)
XW328 (MI / 75)
XW328 Jet Provost (MI / 75)
XW330 (MJ / 82)
XW330 Jet Provost (MJ / 82)
XW358 (MK / 59)
XW358 Jet Provost (MK / 59) (Stored)
XW360 (ML / 61)
XW360 Jet Provost (ML / 61) (Stored)
XW361 (MM / 81)
XW361 Jet Provost (MG / 78) (Stored)
XW364 (MN / 35)
XW364 Jet Provost (MN / 35)
XW367 Jet Provost (MO)
XW370 (MP / 72)
XW370 Jet Provost (MP / 72)
XW375 (52)
XW375 Jet Provost (52)
XW410 Jet Provost (MR / 80) (Stored)
XW416 (MS / 84)
XW416 Jet Provost (MS / 84)
XW418 Jet Provost (MT)
XW420 (MU / 83)
XW420 Jet Provost (MU / 83)
XW425 Jet Provost (MV / H) (Stored)
XW430 (MW / 77)
XW430 Jet Provost (MW / 77)
XW432 Jet Provost (MX / 76)
XW434 (MY)
XW434 Jet Provost (MY / 78) (Stored)
XW436 (68)
XW436 Jet Provost (68)
XW852 Gazelle
XW897 Gazelle
XW899 (Z)
XW899 Gazelle (Z)
XX110 Jaguar (EP)
XX112 (EA)
XX112 Jaguar
XX117 Jaguar
XX119 (AI)
XX119 Jaguar (AI)
XX412 Gazelle
XX723 Jaguar (EU)
XX724 (EC)
XX724 Jaguar (EC)
XX725 (T)
XX725 Jaguar (T)
XX726 (EB)
XX726 Jaguar (EB)
XX727 Jaguar (ER)
XX729 Jaguar (EL)
XX738 Jaguar (ED)
XX743 (8949M)
XX743 Jaguar (EG)
XX746 Jaguar (S)
XX748 (EG)
XX748 Jaguar (EG)
XX752 (EK)
XX752 Jaguar (EK)
XX756 (W)
XX756 Jaguar (W)
XX766 Jaguar (EF)
XX767 Jaguar (FK)
XX818 (DE)
XX818 Jaguar (DE)
XX819 (CE)
XX819 Jaguar (CE)
XX821 Jaguar (P)
XX824 (AD)
XX824 Jaguar (AD)
XX825 (BN)
XX825 Jaguar (BN)
XX833 Jaguar
XX835 Jaguar (EX)
XX840 (EY)
XX840 Jaguar (EY)
XX847 (EZ)
XX847 Jaguar (EZ)
XX958 (BK)
XX958 Jaguar (BK)
XX959 (CJ)
XX959 Jaguar (CJ)
XX959 (CJ)
XX967 Jaguar (AC)
XX968 Jaguar (AJ)
XX969 Jaguar (01)
XX970 (EH)
XX970 Jaguar (EH)
XX975 (07)
XX975 Jaguar (07)
XX976 Jaguar (BD)
XZ103 (EF)
XZ103 Jaguar (EF)
XZ104 Jaguar (FM)
XZ109 Jaguar (EN)
XZ112 Jaguar (EA)
XZ114 Jaguar (EO)
XZ115 Jaguar (ER)
XZ117 Jaguar (ES)
XZ322 (N)
XZ322 Gazelle (N)
XZ367 (EE / GP)
XZ367 Jaguar (EE / GP)
XZ368 Jaguar (E)
XZ370 Jaguar (JB)
XZ371 (AP)
XZ371 Jaguar (AP)
XZ377 Jaguar (EP)
XZ383 (AF)
XZ383 Jaguar (AF)
XZ384 (BC)
XZ384 Jaguar (BC)
XZ389 Jaguar (BL)
XZ390 (DM)
XZ390 Jaguar (DM)
XZ391 Jaguar (ET)
XZ392 Jaguar (EM)
XZ398 (EQ)
XZ398 Jaguar (EQ)
XZ399 Jaguar (EJ)
XZ941 (B)
XZ941 Gazelle (B)
XZ991 (3A)
XZ991 Harrier (3A)
ZA128 Sea King
ZA131 Sea King (271 / N)
ZA169 (515)
ZA169 Sea King (515 / CW)
ZA320 Tornado (TAW)
ZA323 Tornado (TAZ)
ZA357 (TTV)
ZA357 Tornado (TTV)
ZA399 Tornado (AJ-C)
ZA450 (TH)
ZA450 Tornado (TH)
ZA771 Gazelle
ZD937 Tornado (AQ)
ZD939 Tornado (Fuselage)
ZE340 (GO)
ZE340 Tornado (GO)
ZJ695 Genfly
ZJ696 Genfly
ZJ697 Genfly 
ZJ698 Genfly
ZK008 Training Aid

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