Saturday, 23 June 2012

Luton 27-05-2012

After spending the night in a hotel we decided to hit Luton early to catch the Wizz Air rush, we suspect we missed several more both before & after we left Luton!

A6-AZH Gulf G450
C-FBDS Cessna 550
CS-DKC Gulf G550
CS-DKD Gulf G550
CS-DXW Cessna 560
EI-EAC Airbus A300 DHL
EI-EMK Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-STA Boeing B737
G-BUUR ATP Atlantic
G-CGUL Gulf G550
G-EJAR Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZAM Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZBW Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDR Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDS Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDW Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZEB Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFB Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFI Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFN Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFW Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZIY Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZUD Airbus A320 EasyJet
G-EZUW Airbus A320 EasyJet
G-FJET Cessna 550
G-KLNE 125
G-MRJK Airbus A320 Monarch
G-OJWB 125
G-OZBG Airbus A321 Monarch
G-OZBM Airbus A321 Monarch
G-RAJJ 146
G-SNZY Learjet 45
G-TAWA Boeing B737 Thomson
G-VILP Legacy
G-WCCI Legacy
HA-LPM Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LPR Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LPT Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LPW Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LPZ Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LWA Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LWD Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LWK Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LWL Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HA-LWM Airbus A320 Wizz Air
HB-JKF Gulf G450
LX-AMB Falcon 7X
M-ATPS Gulf G550
M-GZOO Gulf G200
M-YGLK Gulf G450
M-YWAY Gulf G4
N102FD Gulf G200
N1AM Gulf G4
N401NK CL604
N550GV Gulf G550
N680GA Gulf G5
N721BS Gulf G400
N7799T Gulf G4
N874C Gulf G4
N919FD Boeing B757 FedEx
N94924 Gulf G550
OE-INC Global 5000
SX-ZHT Falcon 900
VP-CGN Gulf G550
VQ-BOK Global Express
YU-BUU Cessna 525

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