Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dunkeswell (EGTU) 01-08-2011

After a day with some non-flyable conditions we arrived at Dunkeswell thinking that people would be taking advantage of the significant improvement in weather in the evening. However we were wrong! The airfield was closed (it shuts at 18:00L) so it was a case of getting what we could.

G-AHCR    Taylorcraft   
G-AHVV    Tiger Moth   
G-ARJF    PA-22   
G-ASII    PA-28   
G-AVSC    PA-28   
G-AVUS    PA-28   
G-AWVZ    Jodel   
G-BHHX    Jodel   
G-BJIG    Slingsby T.67   
G-BKPA    Dimona   
G-BLHS    Citabria   
G-BOLC    Fournier RF6   
G-BPFZ    Ce 152   
G-BPGH    Acrosport   
G-BYBR    Rans S6   
G-CBKR    PA-28   
G-CDTH    Nimbus    (NS4)
G-CGHS    Glaser Dirks DG808   
G-DENE    PA-28   
G-DUNK    Ce 172   
G-IXII    Christen Eagle   
G-JODL    Jodel   
G-MTHV    CFM Shadow   
G-OFRY    Ce 152   
G-RJAM    Falco   
G-RYNS    PA-32   
G-SAWI    PA-32   
G-SPDY    X'Air Hawk   
G-TABY    SR20   
N21381    PA-34    (WFU)
N7148R    Beech 55   
N899DZ    Beech 99   

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