Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ashton Court - Bristol 14-08-2011

A very early start to get down to Bristol for the Sunday morning launch. We totaled 98 registered balloons that were involved.

EC-LIR "The Racer Ultramagic"
EC-LIR    Ultramagic    The Racer /  Ultramagic

EI-ECC "Discover Waterford"
EI-ECC    Cameron Z-90    Discover Waterford
F-GOCO    Cameron N-90    
G-AZYL "Portslade School"
G-AZYL    Portslade School HAB    Portslade School

G-BCFE "Portslade School"
G-BCFE    Odyssey 4000    Portslade School

G-BGAZ "Cameron Balloons"
G-BGAZ    Cameron V-77    Cameron Racer

G-BIBO    Cameron V-65    

G-BOEK    Cameron V-77    

G-BOOB    Cameron N-65    

G-BPHU    Thunder AX7-77    

G-BRTV    Cameron O-77    

G-BSNU "Sun Rise"
G-BSNU    Colt 105A    Sun Rise

G-BTJD    Thunder AX8-90SII    

G-BTJU "C. W. Jones Carpets"
G-BTJU    Cameron V-90    CW Jones Carpets

G-BTWJ    Cameron V-77    

G-BVOC "Evening Post"
G-BVOC    Cameron V-90    Evening Post

G-BWDZ "Sky Balloons"
G-BWDZ    Sky 105-24    Sky Balloons

G-BWKV    Cameron V-77    

G-BWKW "Mandalay"
G-BWKW    Thunder AX8-90    Mandalay

G-BWPF    Sky 105-24    

G-BWPZ "Jaguar"
G-BWPZ    Cameron N-105    Jaguar

G-BXLP    Sky 90-24    

G-BXXG    Cameron N-105    Wind Beneath My Wings

G-BYHU    Cameron N-105    

G-BYHY    Cameron V-77   

G-BYIL "Oakfield"
G-BYIL    Cameron N-105    Oakfield Farm Products

G-BYNU   Thunder AX7-77
G-BYTJ "Rapido"
G-BYTJ    Cameron Concept 80    

G-BYTW    Cameron O-90    Rapido Group

G-BZDJ "BWS Security Systems"
G-BZDJ    Cameron Z-105    BWS Security Systems

G-BZFD "David Hathaway Transport"
G-BZFD    Cameron N-90    David Hathaway Transport

G-BZKV "Omega Selection Services"
G-BZKV    Cameron Sky 90-24    

G-BZVU "The Mall"
G-BZVU    Cameron Z-105    The Mall, Bristol

G-BZYY "Up / Down"
G-BZYY    Cameron N-90    Up / Down

G-CBHW "Destination Bristol"
G-CBHW    Cameron Z-105    Visit Bristol

G-CBMC "Edward Ware Homes"
G-CBMC    Cameron Z-105    Edward Ware Homes

G-CBMK    Cameron Z-120    

G-CBOW "Torex"
G-CBOW    Cameron Z-120    Torex

G-CCSA "Bristol Balloons"
G-CCSA    Cameron Z-350    Bristol Balloons

G-CCTS "Snap Surveys"
G-CCTS    Cameron Z-120    Snap Surveys

G-CDDN "Fishtank"
G-CDDN    Lindstrand LBL-90A    FishTank

G-CDGN    Cameron C-90    

G-CDIH "Bailey Balloons"
G-CDIH    Cameron Z-275    Bailey Balloons

G-CDWD "University Of Bristol"
G-CDWD    Cameron Z-105    University Of Bristol

G-CDZO "Chelsea Financial Services"
G-CDZO    Lindstrand LBL-60X    Chelsea Financial Services

G-CEJZ "AMO Complete"
G-CEJZ    Cameron C-90    AMO Complete

G-CEKS "Champagne Taittinger"
G-CEKS    Cameron Z-105    Tottinger Champagne

G-CELM    Cameron C-80    

G-CEMF "Linear Communications"
G-CEMF    Cameron C-80    
Linear Communications
G-CEOV "Lindstrand Operations"
G-CEOV    Lindstrand LBL-120A   
Lindstrand Operations
G-CERC "Bath Building Society"
G-CERC    Cameron Z-350    Bath Building Society
G-CEUV "Silverline"
G-CEUV    Cameron C-90    Silverline

G-CEWX "Original Bristol 106.5"
G-CEWX    Cameron Z-350    Original Bristol 106.5

G-CFEK "Penny Plant Hire & Demolition"
G-CFEK    Cameron Z-105    Penny Plant Hire & Demolition

G-CFKF "House Of Traser"
G-CFKF    Cameron Z-210    House Of Fraser

G-CFLK "Kingspan"
G-CFLK    Cameron C-90    Kingspan

G-CFSL "Co-Operative Fulneralcare"
G-CFSL    Balony Kubicek BB26Z    Co-Op Funeralcare

G-CFUX "BetFair"
G-CFUX    Cameron C-80    BetFair

G-CFXI "Blue Square Bet"
G-CFXI    Lindstrand LBL Box    Blue Square

G-CFXL "Blue Square Bet"
G-CFXL    Lindstrand LBL-90A    Blue Square

G-CFXP    Lindstrand LBL-105A    

G-CGMX "Cameron Racer 2"
G-CGMX    Cameron TR-70    Cameron Racer
G-CGNJ "Loughborough University"
G-CGNJ    Cameron Z-105    Loughborough University
G-CGRF "Lindstrand"
G-CGRF    Lindstrand LBL 140A    Lindstrand

G-CGVY    Cameron Z-77    

G-CLOE    Sky 90-24    

G-COSY    Lindstrand LBL-56A    

G-CROP "New Holland"
G-CROP    Cameron Z-105    New Holland

G-EECO    Lindstrand LBL-25A    

G-ENGR "Sapper"
G-ENGR    Head AX8-105    Sapper

G-FOWS "Fowlers Motorcycles"
G-FOWS    Cameron N-105    Omega Selection Services

G-GBBT "BT / London 2012"
G-GBBT    Ultramagic M-90    BT / London 2012

G-IHOP    Cameron Z-31    

G-JULU    Cameron V-90    

G-KSKS "Kwik Kaye"
G-KSKS    Cameron N-54    Kwik Kaye

G-LOWS    Sky 77-24    

G-MILE "Miles Architectural Ironmongery"
G-MILE    Cameron N-90    Miles Architectural Ironmongery

G-MOFB    Cameron O-120    

G-OAFR "Avon Fire & Rescue"
G-OAFR    Cameron Z-105    Avon Fire & Rescue

G-OCTS "Collett Isuzu"
G-OCTS    Cameron Z-90    Collett Transport Services

G-ODAF "Brian Currie"
G-ODAF    Lindstrand LBL-105A    Brian Currie

G-OFAA "Royal Navy"
G-OFAA    Cameron Z-105    Royal Navy

G-OJMS "Joinery Soft"
G-OJMS    Cameron Z-90    Joinery Soft

G-OLFF "HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship"
G-OLFF    Cameron Z-120    HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

G-OMGR "Omega"
G-OMGR    Cameron Z-105    Omega Resource Group

G-OOEY "Exclusive Balloning"
G-OOEY    Balony Kubicek BB22Z    

G-OSAT "Astra"
G-OSAT    Cameron Z-105    Astra

G-OSUP "British Airways Clubs"
G-OSUP    Lindstrand LBL-90A    British Airways Clubs

G-PATG    Cameron O-90  

G-PLLT "Palletways" 
G-PLLT    Lindstrand Box    Palletways

G-POLY "Polly Wallets Bristol"
G-POLY    Cameron N-77    Polly Wallets

G-SBIZ "Snow Business"
G-SBIZ    Cameron Z-90    Snow Business

G-SFSL    Cameron Z-105    

G-TRIG "Intel Centrino"
G-TRIG    Cameron Z-90    Intel Centrino

G-VBFL "Virgin Balloon Flights"
G-VBFL    Cameron Z-400    Virgin

G-VITL "Vital Resources"
G-VITL    Lindstrand LBL-105A    Vital

G-WAYS "Palletways"
G-WAYS    Lindstrand LBL-105A    Palletways

HB-QLR "Chateau d'Oex"
HB-QLR    Cameron Z-105    Chateaux d'Oeu

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