Thursday, 11 August 2011

Berkeley, Newport Glos. 02-08-2011

The English Nationals were being held so we went along to catch one of the launches.

EC-LIR    Hot Air Balloon    "The Racer"
G-BNCB    Cameron V77   
G-BTUH    Cameron N-65    "Zanussi"
G-BUIN    Thunder AX7-77   
G-BXSX    Cameron V77    "All-Tech"
G-CDZO    Lindstrand LBL60X    "Chelsea Financial Services"
G-CEJZ    Cameron C90    "AMO Complete"
G-CFIW    Kubicek BB20XR    "Kubicek"
G-GABS    Cameron TR70   
G-IFIF    Cameron TR-60    "Cameron Balloons"
G-KNEE    Ultramagic M77C   
G-LOKI    Ultramagic M77C   
G-PATP    Lindstrand LBL77A   
G-RACR    Ultramagic M65C   
G-RUPS    Cameron TR70   
G-WOTW    Ultramagic M77    "Window On The World"
VH-EXT    Kavanagh EX65    "Kavanagh Balloons"

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