Sunday, 8 June 2014

B-2 Arrivals @ RAF Fairford 08-06-2014

A trip down into Gloucestershire for the arrival of two B-2's on a temporary deployment, choosing to arrive on a Sunday afternoon was a very sociable time & there was what must have been over a mile of parked cars there to view the arrival!

An extra bonus was a minor landing gear problem on 'Death 11' which required tow low passes for the gear to be visually inspected.

82-1069 B-2 WM / Spirit of Indiana / Invisible Defenders
82-1069 - Spirit of Indiana

82-1069 - Spirit of Indiana

82-1069 - Spirit of Indiana

93-1088 B-2 WM / Spirit of Louisiana / Grim Reaper
93-1088 - Spirit Of Louisiana

93-1088 - Spirit Of Louisiana

The 3 deployed B-52's were also visible across the airfield, so photography wasn't great! But for the record...

60-0017 B-52 MT / Knighthawks
60-0017 - MT 'Knighthawks'

60-0059 B-52 LA / 96th BS / Red Devils
60-0059 - LA 96th BS 'Red Devils'

61-0004 B-52 LA / Barksdale
61-0004 - LA 'Barksdale'

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