Thursday, 5 May 2011

Oxford (OXF, EGTK) 01-05-2011

Another airfield that seems to be suffering with the currently economic climate,  or with a business plan moving the airfield away from general aviation & towards commerical aviation. Whichever it may be there appears to be a reduction in GA & an increase in biz jets here.

G-BCGN    PA-28   
G-BEAG    PA-34   
G-BEJV    PA-34   
G-BHFH    PA-34   
G-BHYG    PA-34   
G-BHYP    Ce 172   
G-BKEW    Bell 206   
G-BOCG    PA-34   
G-BOUL    PA-34   
G-BOUM    PA-34   
G-BOWE    PA-34   
G-BTRY    PA-28   
G-BWTD    Zlin 242   
G-CBMZ    Eurostar    (O/H)
G-CBVU    PA-28   
G-CDDA    TB20   
G-CDDT    TB20   
G-CEKW    Jabiru    (O/H)
G-CYLS    Ce 303   
G-EORG    PA-38   
G-FCED    PA-31T   
G-FRYL    Premier   
G-GAFA    PA-34   
G-GIPC    PA-32   
G-GMED    PA-42   
G-GOAC    PA-34   
G-LEAC    Ce 510   
G-OBBO    Ce 182   
G-OJWB    125   
G-RBNS    Legacy   
G-RJRJ    Eurostar   
N536K    Beech 36   
VP-COD    CL 604   

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