Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lasham (QLA, EGHL) 30-04-2011

After spending most of the day at Popham we popped across to Lasham to see what was around. To our amazement they were flying! Albeit they only managed one circuit before landing again.

5N-BLG    B737    Aero Contractors    (Stored)
5N-BLH    B737    S7    (Stored)
EI-CHH    B737    KD Avia    (Stored)
G-CFHM    ASK-13    (P)   
G-CFMH    ASK-13    (B)   
G-CFYY    ASK-13    (S)   
G-CGAF    ASK-21    (778)   
G-CHXX    Standard Cirrus    (HXX)   
G-CJMT    LS8 18    (301)   
G-DCUT    Pilatus B4    (B4)   
G-DEVJ    ASK-13    (H)   
G-DSPL    DA 40       
G-EFCM    PA-28       
G-GFFE    B737        (Stored)
M-ABDF    B757    Aurela    (Stored)
N524AU    B737        (Stored)
VP-BAA    B727       
VP-CMO    B727    MK Airlines   
YA-PIE    B737    Pamir    (Stored)

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