Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dunstable Downs 12-06-2010

Asking at reception allowed us to have a look into the hangars and stay on the hard standing areas.

BGA260 Schweyer Jacobs Rhonsperber
BGA3901 Sedbergh (WB924)
G-BCHT Schleicher ASK-16 (T65)
G-BMLL Grob 109
G-CEWC Schleicher ASK-21 (EDR)
G-CFBV Schleicher ASK-21 (EBV)
G-CFHL Rolladen-Schneider LS4
G-CFJM Rolladen-Schneider LS4 A ('143)
G-CFYF Schleicher ASK-21 (FYF)
G-CGCT Schempp-Hirth Discus b (TB2)
G-CHUD Schleicher ASK-13 (HUD)
G-CJCX Schempp-Hirth Discus bT
G-CJPL Rolladen-Schneider LS8 18
G-CJWD Schleicher ASK-21 (JWD)
G-CKEJ Schleicher ASK-21 (KEJ)
G-CKET Rolladen-Schneider LS8 B ('456)
G-CLGC Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus (LGC)
G-DCFX Glasflugel Standard Libelle H201B
G-DDMP Grob 102 ('553)
G-DDST Schleicher ASW-20 L ('972)
G-DEFS Rolladen-Schneider LS3 (LS3)
G-DESB Schleicher ASK-21
G-DEVW Schleicher ASK-23
G-DEVX Schleicher ASK-23 (EVX)
G-DHCO Glasflugel Standard Libelle H201B (HCO)
G-FLKS Falke
G-LGCA Robin
G-LGCB Robin
G-LGCC Robin

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