Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Deutsches Museum - Verkehrszentrum 27-06-2010

On our tour of Munich we managed to plan to visit the wrong museums downtown! This was later sorted using the fantastic public transport system in Munich.

In this museum (Museum Of Transport) there is only the one Bolkow 105 hung from the ceiling, this at first looks very realistic; however, it appears although this is not the case. The aircraft currently on display at the Munich airport was initially meant to be hung from the roof in this museum, but due owing to the aircraft weighing more than calculated it was decided the roof wouldn't be able to support the aircraft (hence it ending up at its current location). As such a mock-up was created (possibly using some time-expired parts) to be hung. I'm still unsure if there is not a size able chunk of this mock-up made from one particular aircraft but I can't prove this so for now its a mock-up.

ADAC Bolkow 105 Mock-Up

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