Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Flying Show 2014

The Flying Show offers an opportunity for companies to demonstrate new products during a time of year without the more conventional fly-in type events. Moving to The International Centre in Telford is a huge positive for the event, with ever increasing costs at the NEC having put off a number of visitors (including myself) in the past few years. Overall an enjoyable day out at a time of year where there is really not much else on offer - one to go in the calendar for 2015!

G-CBSV         Benson B8MR
G-CEZH   Aerochute Dual
G-CFBO   Escapade Sherwood Scout
G-CFCG   RotorSport UK MT-03     (Simulator)
G-CFFG   Aerochute Dual
G-CGNM        Magni M-16
G-CGOB  P&M Aviation QuikR
G-CHOU (T19)
G-CHOR   Schempp-Hirth Discus
G-CHVS   Savannah XLS
G-CHWK Aerochute Dual
G-CIEE    Ikarus C42
G-CIEW   RotorSport UK Cavalon
G-CIGU    Aerochute Dual
G-CIHL    P&M Aviation Quik GTR
G-CIIT      SkyRanger Swift II
G-CINT     RotorSport UK MTO Sport
G-EFUN    e-Go
G-GWFT  Rans S6
G-KTOW Ikarus C42
G-MVYT  Snowbird (Fuselage Frame)
G-TIAC    Sherwood Ranger XP Aero
G-TTUG   EuroFox
G-ULUL   RotorSport UK Calidus
Unknown  Flylight DragonChaser     (Yellow Trike)
Flylight Fox Cub
Unknown  Flylight Fox Cub              (Green Trike)
Magni M-22 Voyager
Unknown  Magni M-22
P&M Aviation PulsR 912S
Unknown  P&M Aviation PulsR 912S (C/N 8685)
Unknown  P&M Aviation Quik Explorer  (White Trike - Exodus Airsports)
Unknown  Sherwood Ranger             (Fuselage Frame)
Unknown  Super Chaser                    (Red Trike)

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