Saturday, 6 September 2014

Grass Roots Balloons @ Sackville

We travelled down to the annual Grass Roots balloon meet, held at Sackville Lodge for the Saturday evening launch. The idea behind this event is to allow pilots an opportunity to fly without commercial pressures which preside over a number of other events in the ballooning calendar. Although the event now has a sponsor (Ultramagic Balloons) the focus is still very much on the flying with the only 'stalls' being an ice cream & burger van. This seems to be in tune with what pilots, crew & enthusiasts want than the mobile shopping centres offered at other events!

Sadly yet again the weather had a major say in the progress of the event, with a rain shower coming across the airfield just as crew were beginning to lay balloons out. Once the rain had cleared around half of what was previously laid out decided to go flying into the mist!

Hoppers G-BZIH & G-HOPR
Misty Evening Launch
Misty Evening
Launching Into The Evening Mist
EC-MBZ drifting slowly into the mist

EC-MBZ - Ultramagic
EC-MBZ   Ultramagic S-70
G-ANNK (T-7290 / 14)
G-ANNK   Tiger Moth
G-BHTG   Thunder AX6
G-BJSW   Thunder AX7
G-BOWB Cameron V-77
G-BOWM Cameron V-56
G-BRSA - Cameron Balloons
G-BRSA   Cameron N-56
G-BSBM   Cameron N-77
G-BSNU - Sun Rise
G-BSNU   Colt 105
G-BUYC - Windrush
G-BUYC   Cameron Concept 80
G-BVWB Thunder AX8
G-BWAJ   Cameron V-77
G-BWDH Cameron N-105
G-BZIH - Budweiser
G-BZIH    Lindstrand LBL31
G-BZNV  Lindstrand LBL31
G-CBJS    Cameron C-60
G-CBMK Cameron Z-120
G-CCLO   Ultramagic H-77
G-CCOP   Ultramagic M-105
G-CCXD   Lindstrand LBL105
G-CDJX - Cameron Balloons
G-CDJX   Cameron N-56
G-CEEB   Cameron C-80
G-CFKB   Sportcruiser
G-CGIH    Cameron C-90
G-CIDH    Cameron C-80
G-CRZE - Fresh Air
G-CRZE    Ultramagic M-105
G-DUGI   Lindstrand LBL90
G-FWJR - Fairway Furniture
G-FWJR   Ultramagic M-56
G-GOAL - Benfield
G-GOAL  Lindstrand LBL105
G-HOPR   Lindstrand LBL25
G-HPEN - Holtams Kitchens
G-HPEN   Ultramagic M-120
G-OJMS - Joinerysoft
G-OJMS   Cameron Z-90
G-OKEW - Kewtech
G-OKEW Ultramagic M-65
G-PAFC - Mouth
G-PAFC    Cameron C-70
G-SBIZ - Snow Business
G-SBIZ     Cameron Z-90
G-SIXX - 6X Manure
G-SIXX    Colt 77
G-SJKR    Lindstrang LBL90
G-SUED    Thunder AX8

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