Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Aero Expo @ Sywell 31-05-2013

What the organisers of AeroExpo may lack in ability to open gates at the stated time they seem to gain in the ability to pick weekends with good weather! The only real limiting factor for it being a stiff crosswind for the whole weekend, but this was easily overcome by the pilots flying in.

Pictures To Follow

  D-ELEE Cessna 172
  D-ELFB Cessna 172
  D-EWCD Cirrus SR20
  D-FSSS Piper PA-46
  D-GTPI Piper PA-34
  G-ALEH Piper PA-17
  G-APAL Tiger Moth
  G-ARXT Jodel
  G-ASSS Cessna 172
  G-ATEZ Piper PA-28
  G-ATIS Piper PA-28
  G-AVBG Piper PA-28
  G-AVCM Piper PA-24
  G-AVGE Piper PA-28
  G-AVYT Piper PA-28
  G-AWFC Piper PA-28
  G-AWUU Cessna 150
  G-AWVG Airtourer
  G-AWYI BE2c Replica
  G-AXDI Cessna 172
  G-AXHR Piper Cub
  G-AXIA Beagle Pup
  G-AXNS Beagle Pup
  G-AXOT Rallye
  G-AXSZ Piper PA-28
  G-AXZO Cessna 180
  G-AYZH Taylor Titch
  G-AZDD Bolkow 209
  G-AZKZ Cessna 172
  G-AZLV Cessna 172
  G-BAEE Jodel
  G-BAEM Robin
  G-BAIS Cessna 177
  G-BBND Chipmunk
  G-BBTG Cessna 172
  G-BDAK Rockwell 112
  G-BDIH Jodel
  G-BDNU Cessna 172
  G-BDPJ Piper PA-25
  G-BEER Isaacs Fury
  G-BEPY Rockwell 112
  G-BFAK Rallye
  G-BGBK Piper PA-38
  G-BGRR Piper PA-38
  G-BGWC Robin
  G-BHIY Cessna 150
  G-BHLE Robin
  G-BHSB Cessna 172
  G-BIAP Piper PA-16
  G-BIDK Piper PA-18
  G-BIHD Robin
  G-BIOA Hughes 369
  G-BJBW Piper PA-28
  G-BJHB Mooney M20
  G-BJNZ Piper PA-23
  G-BLVI Slingsby T67
  G-BMCG Grob 109
  G-BMIW Piper PA-28
  G-BMLL Grob 109
  G-BNNO Piper PA-28
  G-BNPY Cessna 152
  G-BNRR Cessna 172
  G-BNSR Slingsby T67
  G-BNTP Cessna 172
  G-BODS Piper PA-38
  G-BOJS Cessna 172
  G-BOJZ Piper PA-28
  G-BOKA Piper PA-28
  G-BOLT Rockwell 114
  G-BOLU Robin
  G-BOMZ Piper PA-38
  G-BOUE Cessna 172
  G-BPBM Piper PA-28
  G-BPCI Cessna 172
  G-BPMX ARV Super 2
  G-BPSL Cessna 177
  G-BRBI Cessna 172
  G-BRKH Piper PA-28
  G-BSCS Piper PA-28
  G-BSRI Lancair 235
  G-BSTZ Piper PA-28
  G-BSVS Robin
  G-BSYY Piper PA-28
  G-BUWK Rans S6
  G-BVAF Piper Cub
  G-BVCS Aeronca 7AC
  G-BVDP Falco
  G-BVHM Piper PA-38
  G-BVHS Murphy Rebel
  G-BWIZ Quickie Tri-Q
  G-BXAN Rotax Falke
  G-BXDH Chipmunk
  G-BXGG Europa
  G-BXHY Europa
  G-BXIO Jodel
  G-BYES Cessna 172
  G-BYJT Zenair CH601
  G-BYYG Slingsby T67
  G-CBCL GlaStar
  G-CBDG Zenair CH601
  G-CBHM Mainair Blade
  G-CBLY Grob 109
  G-CCIZ Rallye
  G-CCMS Quik
  G-CCZL Ikarus C42
  G-CDAP Eurostar
  G-CDDY Vans RV-8
  G-CDJJ Yak 52
  G-CDMX Piper PA-28
  G-CDTA Eurostar
  G-CDXY Kitfox
  G-CDYT Ikarus C42
  G-CDYY Pioneer 300
  G-CDZR Menestrel
  G-CECY Eurostar
  G-CEDG Robinson R44
  G-CEJN Mooney M20
  G-CEMY Pioneer 300
  G-CESV Eurostar
  G-CETS Vans RV-7
  G-CETT Eurostar
  G-CETX Pioneer 300
  G-CEVG Quik
  G-CEZI Piper PA-28
  G-CFBX King Air
  G-CFHP Ikarus C42
  G-CFIJ Christen Eagle
  G-CFKW Pioneer 200
  G-CFRN MTO Sport
  G-CGGM Eurostar
  G-CGJI SkyRanger
  G-CGML Sting Carbon
  G-CGPS Eurostar
  G-CGTM Cessna 172
  G-CGTV Savannah
  G-CGVO Pioneer 400
  G-CGXW Grob 109
  G-CHIP Piper PA-28
  G-CHLD MTO Sport
  G-CIRI Cirrus SR20
  G-CLAC Piper PA-28
  G-CMEW Dynamic
  G-CPCD Robin
  G-CRUI SportCruiser
  G-CWAY Ikarus C42
  G-CYRS Bell 206L
  G-DADZ SportCruiser
  G-DEBR Europa
  G-DENS Smaragd
  G-DEVS Piper PA-28
  G-DHAH Aeronca 7AC
  G-DIGS Hughes 369
  G-DTFL Piper PA-46
  G-DYNA Dynamic
  G-DZZY Decathlon
  G-ECMK Piper PA-18
  G-EDRV Vans RV-6
  G-EFCM Piper PA-28
  G-EGBS Vans RV-9
  G-ENCE Partenavia P68
  G-ESME Cessna 182
  G-ETUG EuroFox
  G-EVTO Piper PA-28
  G-FLKS Rotax Falke
  G-FLYC Ikarus C42
  G-FOGI Europa
  G-GCDD Cirrus SR20
  G-GCYC Cessna 182
  G-GDER Robin
  G-GHRW Piper PA-28
  G-GREY Piper PA-46
  G-HELN Piper PA-18
  G-HMCA Eurostar
  G-HOPE Beech 33
  G-HOWI Cessna 182
  G-HUES Hughes 369
  G-IGHT Vans RV-8
  G-IIIP Pitts Special
  G-IINI Vans RV-9
  G-IIRI Sbach 300
  G-IIRV Vans RV-7
  G-IMEA Super King Air
  G-IRED Ikarus C42
  G-IRGJ Citabria
  G-ISHK Cessna 172
  G-JAMP Piper PA-28
  G-JANN Piper PA-34
  G-JBTR Vans RV-8
  G-JONT Cirrus SR22
  G-JOYZ Piper PA-28
  G-KAOS Vans RV-7
  G-KITH Pioneer 300
  G-KSWI Hughes 369
  G-LASS VariEze
  G-LBMM Piper PA-28
  G-LILY Cessna 206
  G-LOAD One Design
  G-MAOL Agusta AW109
  G-MDAY Cessna 170
  G-MDKD Robinson R22
  G-MFOX EuroFox
  G-MIME Euorpa
  G-MLLI Piper PA-32
  G-MOAN Super Ximango
  G-MOLA Eurostar
  G-MRRR Hughes 369
  G-MRVK SportCruiser
  G-MSVI Agusta A109
  G-MWNR Murphy Renegade
  G-NIME Cessna 206
  G-NORK Bell 206
  G-NPKJ Vans RV-6
  G-OBJT Europa
  G-OCRZ SportCruiser
  G-OFDT Quik
  G-OJAB Jabiru
  G-OJAC Mooney M20
  G-OJCW Piper PA-32
  G-OJHC Cessna 182
  G-OJVL Vans RV-6
  G-OLSA Breezer
  G-OMCH Piper PA-28
  G-OONK Cirrus SR22
  G-ORVS Vans RV-9
  G-OTEC Tecnam P2002
  G-OYST Bell 206
  G-OZIO AT-01
  G-PAXX Piper PA-20
  G-PBEC Vans RV-7
  G-PERE Robinson R22
  G-PIII Pitts Special
  G-RARB Cessna 172
  G-RDNY Cavalon
  G-RISK Hughes 369
  G-RIVT Vans RV-6
  G-RMPS Vans RV-12
  G-ROWA Aquila AT-01
  G-ROWS Piper PA-28
  G-RPPO Groppo Trail
  G-RSCU Agusta A109
  G-RVAH Vans RV-7
  G-RVAN Vans RV-6
  G-RVBC Vans RV-6
  G-RVEE Vans RV-6
  G-RVIA Vans RV-6
  G-RVIB Vans RV-6
  G-RVIO Vans RV-10
  G-RVIZ Vans RV-12
  G-RVMB Vans RV-9
  G-RVNH Vans RV-9
  G-RVSG Vans RV-9
  G-RVTN Vans RV-10
  G-RYNS Piper PA-32
  G-SBRK Aero AT-3
  G-SJMH Robin
  G-SMDH Euopa
  G-SPAT Aero AT-3
  G-STEA Piper PA-28
  G-STLL Bristell
  G-SWLL Aero AT-3
  G-SYEL Aero AT-3
  G-SYFW FW190
  G-TAAB Cirrus SR22
  G-TCEE Hughes 369
  G-TEBZ Piper PA-28
  G-TECA Tecnam P2002
  G-TECH Rockwell 114
  G-TEKK Tecnam P2006
  G-TENT Auster
  G-TJDM Vans RV-6
  G-TLAC Sherwood Ranger
  G-TLOY Pioneer 400
  G-TMAX SportStar
  G-TOGO Vans RV-6
  G-TOPK Europa
  G-TPSL Cessna 182
  G-TREK Jodel
  G-TSOB Rans S6
  G-TWLV Vans RV-12
  G-ULAS Chipmunk
  G-ULUL Calidus
  G-WAVE Grob 109
  G-WLGC Piper PA-28
  G-XCRJ Vans RV-9
  G-XLAM SkyRanger
  G-YRRO Calidus
  G-ZACE Cessna 172
  G-ZIII Pitts Special
  G-ZOOG Tecnam P2006
  G-ZZOE EC120
  HB-CIU Cessna 172
  LX-NEW PC-12
  M-DRIL PC-12
  N10522 Piper PA-46
  N113AC TB20
  N119HH Agusta A119
  N249SP Cessna 210
  N266CS Cessna 172
  N28141 Super Viking 
  N2929W Piper PA-28
  N29566 Piper PA-28
  N2CL Piper PA-28
  N3600X Cirrus SR22T
  N36665 Beech36
  N396SR Cub Crafters
  N449MH Cessna 310
  N44NE Cessna 414
  N4502G Robinson R66
  N463NH Bell 206
  N482CD Cirrus SR22
  N505HA Gazelle
  N536K Beech 36
  N64VB Beech 58
  N66UK Robinson R66
  N74DC Pitts Special
  N781CD Cirrus SR20
  N7NP Hughes 369
  N843TE Eclipse EA500
  N850GC TBM 850
  N89GH Cirrus SR22
  N89NB Cirrus SR22
  N921GG Piper PA-46
  N928HW Rockwell 114
  N94883 Cessna 182
  N95GT Cirrus SR22
  PH-CAQ Pelican
  PH-CRJ Vans RV-6
  PH-RVN Vans RV-9
  PH-SCP Vans RV-9

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