Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lasham 04-05-2013

After leaving Popham the normal tour of nearby airfields started! First stop being Lasham where the airliner maintenance / storage facility seem to be doing very good business with much of the ramp space being occupied.

5N-BLH Boeing B737 S7 Airlines (Stored)
EI-CXD Boeing B737 SmartWings
EI-EYV Boeing B737 Jetair (Stored)
G-BMRC Boeing B757 DHL
G-BRBL Robin
G-BSFF Robin
G-CCHX Rotax Falke
G-CFBB Standard Cirrus (822)
G-CFLW (51)
G-CFLW Standard Cirrus (51)
G-CGAF ASK 21 (778)
G-CHLC Pilatus B4 (HLC)
G-CHOB Boeing B737 German Sky
G-CJFA Standard Cirrus (JFA)
G-CJMU LS8 (302)
G-CJTL LS8 (352)
G-CKKV DG 1000T (776)
G-DCRV (528)
G-DCRV Standard Libelle (528)
G-DCUT Pilatus B4 (B4)
G-DEHO ASK 21 (431)
G-DTWO Discus 2 (77)
G-EHAV Standard Libelle (J34)
G-GDFE Boeing B737 (Stored)
G-PJPJ Boeing B737
G-RAIR ASH 25 (942)
G-TOYF Boeing B737 BMI Baby (Stored)
G-TOYG Boeing B737 BMI Baby (Stored)
G-TOYJ Boeing B737 BMI Baby (Stored)
G-TOYK Boeing B737 BMI Baby (Stored)
G-TOYM Boeing B737 BMI Baby (Stored)
G-XXIX ASG 29 (630)
M-FAHD Boeing B727
N217FE Boeing B727 (Stored)
N221CY Boeing B737 Air Busan (Stored)
N279CS Boeing B737
N280CS Boeing B737
N615SC Boeing B737 Zambezi Airlines (Stored)
N616SC Boeing B737 Zambezi Airlines (Stored)
VP-BAA Boeing B727 (Stored)
VP-BFN Boeing B737 SkyExpress
VP-BVU Boeing B737 Donavia
VP-BYV Boeing B737 Donavia
VP-CJN Boeing B727 (Stored)
VP-CMO Boeing B727 (Stored)
VP-CZY Boeing B727 (Stored)
VQ-BCK Boeing B757 Yakutia
YA-PIE Boeing B737 (Stored)

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