Monday, 23 July 2012

Palma de Mallorca 08-07-2012

Due to the large number of pictures only a selection of highlights have been added here, a complete collection is available on my Flickr account

7T-VUQ ATR 72 Air Algerie
C-GCDS Global Express
CS-DMB 125-400
CS-DUF 125-750
D-ABAG Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABBG Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABBJ Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABCH Airbus A321 Air Berlin
D-ABCI Airbus A321 Air Berlin
D-ABCK Airbus A321 Air Berlin
D-ABDQ Airbus A320 Air Berlin
D-ABDS Airbus A320 Air Berlin
D-ABEA Boeing B737 Lufthansa
D-ABEK Boeing B737 Lufthansa
D-ABFC Airbus A320 Air Berlin
D-ABFO Airbus A320 Air Berlin
D-ABGJ Airbus A319 Air Berlin
D-ABGK Airbus A319 Air Berlin
D-ABKC Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABKS Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABKT Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABKW Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABKY Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABLD Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABLF Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABMC Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABME Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-ABOA Boeing B757 Condor
D-ABOC Boeing B757 Condor
D-ABOF Boeing B757 Condor
D-AERQ Airbus A330 Air Berlin
D-AGER Boeing B737 Germania
D-AGSB Boeing B737 German Sky
D-AGWH Airbus A319 Germanwings
D-AGWS Airbus A319 Germanwings
D-AHFA Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-AHFM Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-AHFO Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-AHFV Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-AHFX Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-AHHB Airbus A319 Hamburg
D-AHIL Airbus A319 Germania
D-AHXA Boeing B737 Air Berlin
D-AICF Airbus A320 Condor
D-AICI Airbus A320 Condor
D-AICN Airbus A320 Condor
D-AISX Airbus A321 Lufthansa
D-AKNU Airbus A319 Germanwings
D-ALPI Airbus A330 Air Berlin
D-ALPJ Airbus A330 Air Berlin
D-ALSC Airbus A321 Air Berlin
D-ASTB Airbus A319 Germania
D-ASTC Airbus A319 Germania
D-ATUH Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-ATUI Boeing B737 TUI Fly
D-AXLK Boeing B737 Luxair
D-CLUZ Learjet 40
D-CWIN Cessna 680
D-IAAE Piper PA-42
D-IEIR Cessna 501
D-IIMH Premier
D-ISAR Premier
D-IWUT Cessna 421
EC-FCB Airbus A320 Iberia Express
EC-FDB Airbus A320 Iberia Express
EC-FNR Airbus A320 Iberia Express
EC-HEI ATR 72 Iberia Regional
EC-HEJ ATR 72 Iberia Regional
EC-ICT Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-ILK Learjet 45
EC-INV ATR 72 Swiftair
EC-JBJ Boeing B737 Air Europa
EC-JEE CRJ 200 Iberia Regional
EC-JNF Boeing B737 Air Europa
EC-JOD CRJ 200 Iberia Regional
EC-JTQ Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-JTU CRJ 900 Iberia Regional
EC-JXJ Airbus A319 Vueling
EC-KCX MD-83 Swiftair
EC-KLB Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-KSS EMB 145 Privilege Style
EC-KXD EMB 195 Air Europa
EC-LAA Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-LAJ Airbus A320 Orbest
EC-LEK EMB 195 Air Europa
EC-LFZ EMB 195 Air Europa
EC-LKX EMB 195 Air Europa
EC-LLM Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-LLR EMB 195 Air Europa
EC-LOP Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-LQN Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-LRE Airbus A320 Vueling
EC-LRT Airbus A320 Orbest
EI-CPE Airbus A321 Aer Lingus
EI-DAJ Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DAM Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DAS Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DCH Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DCI Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DCW Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DCY Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DLJ Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DLV Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DNA Boeing B757 Blue Panorama
EI-DPK Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DPN Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DSW Airbus A320 Air One
EI-DVN Airbus A320 Aer Lingus
EI-DWT Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-DXC Boeing B737 Blue Panorama
EI-DYR Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EBI Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EBN Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EFV Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EKO Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EKS Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EKV Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ENB Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ENS Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EPG Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-EPH Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ESM Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ESP Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ESY Boeing B737 Ryanair
EI-ETJ Airbus A321 Kolavia
EI-ETT Boeing B737 TrawelFly
EI-EUB Airbus A320 Livingston
EI-IGT Boeing B737 Air Italy
EI-XLS Cessna 560
F-GIXH Boeing B737 Europe Airpost
F-GYAZ Airbus A321 Air Mediterranee
G-CELP Boeing B737 Jet2
G-CPEV Boeing B757 Thomson
G-EZBW Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDN Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDO Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDW Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZDZ Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFN Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZFS Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZGI Airbus A319 EasyJet
G-EZUR Airbus A320 EasyJet
G-EZUU Airbus A320 EasyJet
G-FBEE EMB 195 Flybe
G-FBEJ EMB 195 Flybe
G-FCLB Boeing B757 Thomas Cook
G-FDZE Boeing B737 Thomson
G-FDZS Boeing B737 Thomson
G-FDZU Boeing B737 Thomson
G-JMAA Boeing B757 Thomas Cook
G-KKAZ Airbus A320 Thomas Cook
G-LCYL EMB 190 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYO EMB 190 BA CityFlyer
G-LSAD Boeing B757 Jet2
G-LSAG Boeing B757 Jet2
G-LSAJ Boeing B757 Jet2
G-LSAM Boeing B757 Jet2
G-OJMR Airbus A300 Monarch
G-OZBE Airbus A321 Monarch
G-OZBI Airbus A321 Monarch
G-SPUR Cessna 550
G-TAWF Boeing B737 Thomson
G-UDMS Piper PA-46
G-VKGO Phenom
G-WAIN Cessna 550
G-WINA Cessna 560
HA-LPO Airbus A320 Wizz
HB-IJJ Airbus A320 Swiss
HB-IOM Airbus A321 Swiss
HB-IOQ Airbus A320 Air Berlin
HB-IOR Airbus A320 Air Berlin
HB-IPU Airbus A319 Swiss
HB-JGA DHC-8 Skywork
HB-JIW Airbus A320 Hello
HB-JIZ Airbus A320 Hello
HB-JLR Airbus A320 Swiss
HB-JVH Fokker 100 Helvetic
HB-JYA Airbus A320 Easy Swiss
HB-JZF Airbus A319 Easy Swiss
HB-JZP Airbus A319 Easy Swiss
HD.19-4 Puma Spanish Air Force
I-EEZF Airbus A320 Medidana Fly
I-SMEL MD-82 Medidana Fly
LN-DYO Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-DYP Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NIA Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NOH Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-NOV Boeing B737 Norwegian Air Shuttle
M-IMAK Legacy
N298CS SR22
OE-LES Airbus A321 niki
OM-AEX Boeing B737 AirExplore
OO-JAO Boeing B737 Jetair
OO-SSC Airbus A319 Brussles Airlines
PH-BXF Boeing B737 KLM
PH-GGZ Boeing B737 Transavia
PH-HSE Boeing B737 Transavia
PH-HSF Boeing B737 Transavia
PH-HZL Boeing B737 Transavia
PH-HZV Boeing B737 Transavia
PH-MEX Cessna 650
PH-TFF Boeing B737 Arkefly
PH-XRD Boeing B737 Transavia
SP-ENB Boeing B737 Enter Air
SP-ENZ Boeing B737 Enter Air
SP-HAC Airbus A320 Small Planet
SX-BRM Fokker 50 GoodFly
VP-BKL Boeing B747 Transaero
VP-BZE Falcon 7X
VP-CKS Airbus ACJ318
VQ-BCF Boeing B757 Yakutia
VQ-BCX Airbus A321 Ural
VQ-BPN Airbus A320 S7
YR-BGS Boeing B737 Tarom
YR-DPH Cessna 560
YR-HBD MD-83 Medallion Air
YU-BUU Cessna 525

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