Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sywell (ORM, EGBK) 19-06-2011

The final day of AeroExpo. After heading back up to Manchester for the night we decided to go back to Sywell with the promise that some of the people who were unable to attend due to weather on Friday / Saturday would re-book their slot for the Sunday. In the end the Sunday turned out to have even less favourable weather with a rather nasty cross-wind all day!

Due to the number of pictures taken I've chosen to not add them into this post, they have been placed in this photo set on my Flickr account.To find an image please use the search facility in the top right of the page.

D-EGHW    Bolkow 209
D-EHAY    Robin
D-ELEE    Ce 172
EI-DNV    Lambada
G-ACEJ    Fox Motth
G-AKIN    Messenger
G-ALEH    PA-17
G-ARMN    Ce 175
G-ASUD    PA-28
G-ATBI    Beech 23
G-ATDA    PA-28
G-ATEZ    PA-28
G-ATPT    Ce 182
G-AVVC    Ce 172
G-AVVJ    Rallye
G-AWWE    Pup
G-AXDI    Ce 172
G-AZHI    Air Tourer
G-AZMC    Falke
G-AZNO    Ce 182
G-BAEM    Robin
G-BAHF    PA-28
G-BBDP    Robin
G-BBMH    EAA Biplane
G-BEER    Isaacs Fury
G-BEFA    PA-28
G-BEMW    PA-28
G-BERA    Rallye
G-BFDO    PA-28
G-BGWM    PA-28
G-BHZK    AA-5
G-BJBW    PA-28
G-BJDW    Ce 172
G-BMIX    TB20
G-BMOE    PA-28
G-BNOH    PA-28
G-BNSZ    PA-28
G-BNUL    Ce 152
G-BNZZ    PA-28
G-BOIC    PA-28
G-BOKA    PA-28
G-BPVA    Ce 172
G-BPWS    Ce 172
G-BPXX    PA-34
G-BSCY    PA-28
G-BSDH    Robin
G-BSEU    PA-28
G-BSEY    Beech 36
G-BSKW    PA-28
G-BSTR    AA-5
G-BTDI    R22
G-BUCO    AirCamper
G-BUUI    T.67
G-BVGT    Auster
G-BXJB    Yak 52
G-BYZY    AirCamper
G-CAPX    CAP 10
G-CBFA    DA40
G-CCSL    Quik
G-CCZU    DA40
G-CDCH    SkyRanger
G-CDGR    Zenair CH701
G-CDJR    Eurostar
G-CEGS    PA-28
G-CEWK    Ce 172
G-CEXX    MT-03
G-CFED    RV-9
G-CFEE    Eurostar
G-CFLI    Europa
G-CFSK    MCR-01
G-CFVR    Europa
G-CFXN    Sportcruiser
G-CGNM    Magni M16
G-CGOT    Calidus
G-CGRD    SR22
G-CGRY    Magni M24
G-CGSD    Magni M16
G-CLDS    Calidus
G-CRUI    Sportcruiser
G-CSGT    PA-28
G-CWIS    DA40
G-CZOS    SR20
G-DAME    RV-7
G-DTFL    PA-46
G-DUDE    RV-8
G-DUDZ    Robin
G-EDTO    Ce 172
G-EERV    RV-6
G-EGWN    Citabria
G-EITE    Luscombe 8
G-ETIV    Robin
G-EXIT    Rallye
G-FAMH    Zenair CH701
G-FLOX    Europa
G-FLYA    Mooney 20J
G-FLYB    Ikaus C42
G-GBSL    Beech 76
G-GDRV    RV-6
G-GRVY    RV-8
G-GSMT    MT-03
G-HELA    TB10
G-HFCA    Ce 150
G-HLOB    CE 172
G-HOXN    RV-9
G-HUNI    Citabria
G-IIHI    Extra 300
G-IIRP    CAP 232
G-IJBB    Enstrom 480
G-IOSL    RV-9
G-KASW    Calidus
G-KRIB    R44
G-LABS    Europa
G-LACD    PA-28
G-LASS    VariEze
G-LEXX    RV-8
G-LHMS    Ec120
G-MFAC    Ce 172
G-MIME    Europa
G-MIRN    Remos
G-MOOV    Sportcruiser
G-MRVK    Sportcruiser
G-MZOZ    Rans S6
G-NELI    PA-28
G-OBUZ    RV-6
G-OCCG    DA40
G-OFLY    Ce 210
G-OJHC    Ce 182
G-OMAO    TB20
G-ONUN    RV-6
G-OSPY    SR20
G-OTAM    Ce 172
G-PCAT    TB10
G-PDOG    Bird Dog
G-PIPP    PA-32
G-PWUL    RV-6
G-RARB    Ce 172
G-RATE    AA-5
G-RMRV    RV-7
G-RTMY    Ikaurs C42
G-RUMN    AA-1
G-RVCE    RV-6
G-RVEI    RV-8
G-RVNH    RV-9
G-SELL    Robin
G-SIZZ    Jabiru
G-SSCL    Hughes 369
G-TAPS    PA-28
G-TCEE    Hughes 369
G-TCNM    Tecnam Echo
G-TDVB    MCR-01
G-TJDM    RV-6
G-TMOL    TB20
G-TOGO    RV-6
G-TYER    Robin
G-UDMS    PA-46
G-VITE    Robin
G-VRVB    RV-8
G-VTAL    Beech V35
G-WLGC    PA-28
G-WOOO    Sportcruiser
G-WTAV    R44
G-XENA    PA-28
G-XERO    Sportcruiser
G-XLAM    SkyRanger
G-XLNT    Zenair CH601
G-XXRV    RV-9
G-YAKV    Yak 52
G-ZAAP    Sportcruiser
G-ZECH    Sportcruiser
HA-JAB    Yak 18
N12343    Ce 172
N14113    Trojan
N172AM    Ce 172
N220FC    Mooney 20J
N223LE    SR22T
N250AC    PA-31
N36665    Beech 36
N4144N    PA-28
N518XL    Liberty
N66NN    R66
N78XP    Ce 172
N93WR    SR22
N957T    PA-32
N982CD    SR22
OH-TDI    DA40

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