Thursday, 14 April 2011

RAF Shawbury (EGOS) 14-04-2011

My first tour of Shawbury proved to be very productive with around 2/3 of all aircraft seen copped!

Due to the number of pictures I've chosen not to add them to this post, they are available on my Flickr account here

EM840    Tiger Moth    RAF    (Preserved)
G-275    C130    RNAF   
G-DOIT    As350    DHFS    (99)
KG651    Dc-3    RAF    (Preserved)
XR516    Wessex    RAF    (Gate Guard)
XS713    Dominie    RAF    (Fire Dump)
XT773    Wessex     RN      (Fire Dump)
XV123    XV123    AAC    (Preserved)
XW200    Puma    AAC    (Stored)
XW202    Puma    AAC    (Stored)
XW218    Puma    AAC    (Stored)
XX160    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX161    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX168    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX172    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX173    Hawk T.1    RN    (Stored)
XX175    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX177    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX190    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX191    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX195    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX200    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX219    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX225    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX226    Hawk T.1    RN    (Stored)
XX228    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX232    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX235    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX238    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX239    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX240    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX247    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX248    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX265    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX290    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX292    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX295    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX296    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX299    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX309    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX310    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX311    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX323    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX325    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX350    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX351    Hawk T.1    RAF    (Stored)
XX378    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX379    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX399    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX403    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX431    Gazelle    RN    (Preserved)
XX442    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX447    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XX460    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ294    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ295    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ303    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ311    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ323    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ328    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ331    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ337    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ341    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ343    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
XZ349    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZA446    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZA470    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZA563    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZA608    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZA773    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZA775    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZB665    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZB674    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZB679    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZB690    Gazelle    AAC    (Stored)
ZD708    Tornado GR.4    Brritish Aerospace    (Stored)
ZD892    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZE165    Tornado F.3    RAF    (Stored)
ZE204    Tornado F.3    RAF    (Stored)
ZE737    Tornado F.3    RAF    (Stored)
ZF160    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF161    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF163    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF166    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF203    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF211    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF212    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF242    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF263    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF268    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF286    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF288    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF315    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF318    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF345    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF350    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF372    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF376    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF380    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF405    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF408    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF410    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF412    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF414    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF416    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF418    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF446    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF447    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF449    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF483    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF484    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF486    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF487    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF488    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF490    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF492    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF513    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF514    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZF516    Tucano    RAF    (Stored)
ZG769    Tornado GR.4    RAF    (Stored)
ZG993    BN-2T    AAC    (Stored)
ZH553    Tornado F.3    RAF    (Stored)
ZH822    Merlin    RN    (Stored)
ZH823    Merlin    RN    (Stored)
ZH892    Chinook    RAF   
ZJ234    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ235    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ236    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ237    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ239    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ242    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ243    As350    DHFS   
ZJ245    As350    AAC    (Damaged)
ZJ251    As350    DHFS   
ZJ255    As350    DHFS   
ZJ256    As350    DHFS   
ZJ257    As350    DHFS   
ZJ260    As350    DHFS   
ZJ261    As350    DHFS   
ZJ262    As350    DHFS   
ZJ265    As350    DHFS   
ZJ266    As350    DHFS   
ZJ267    As350    DHFS   
ZJ268    As350    DHFS   
ZJ271    As350    DHFS   
ZJ272    As350    DHFS   
ZJ273    As350    DHFS   
ZJ274    As350    DHFS   
ZJ275    As350    DHFS   
ZJ276    As350    DHFS   
ZJ277    As350    DHFS   
ZJ278    As350    DHFS   
ZJ280    As350    DHFS   
ZJ707    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZJ708    Bell 412    DHFS   
ZK067    Bell 212    AAC   
ZR324    Agusta A109    DHFS   
ZR325    Agusta A109    DHFS   

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