Sunday, 13 February 2011

Barton (EGCB) 13-02-2011

A morning visit to the local on a typical dull February day, after hearing a Bell 47 inbound... It appears this Bell 47 is having a bit of an identity crisis as it was calling N9595B (UK based Bell 47), but wearing N2929B (US based Beech 35)! So I think its N9595B in a new paint job & a incorrect reg applied to the side!

G-GFID Ce 152
G-WENA As355
 N2929B - N9595B (OK)
N2929B / N9595B Bell 47 (OK)

A pair of shots from my second visit of the day, this time for G-BPRJ which diverted in due to poor weather & G-CEYU that replaced G-WENA.

G-BPRJ As355
G-CEYU As365

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