Monday, 11 October 2010

East Midlands Aeropark 11-10-2010

A external look around the Aeropark (its only open Sundays) allows good views of almost everything present.

G-ANUW    Dove    (Poor Condition)
G-APES    Vanguard    (Nose)
G-BBED    Rallye    (Disassembled)
G-BEOZ    Argosy   
G-CSZB    Viscount    (Nose)
G-FRJB    Sheriff   
WH740    Canberra   
WH779    Canberra   
WL626    Varsity    (P)
WM224    Metor   
WV382    Hunter   
XD447    Vampire    (Primer)
XG588    Whildwind   
XL569    Hunter   
XM575    Vulcan   
XP568    Jet Provost    (White / Unmarked)
XS876    Wessex    ('523)
XT480    Wessex    ('468)
XT604    Wessex   
XV350    Buccaneer   
XX457    Gazelle    (TAD001)
ZF588    Lightning    

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