Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Biberach (EDMB) 29-08-2010

A morning visit to this airfield, with owners coming to open up various different hangars we eventually got into most of them around the airfield.

Pictures from this airifeld are on my Flickr account here

D-EBCK    Picchio   
D-ECBH    Rallye   
D-EDEB    Ce 172   
D-EDHB    PA-28   
D-EDQB    PA-28   
D-EDUB    PA-28   
D-EEDQ    Ce 150   
D-EHOU    Rallye   
D-EKFB    PA-28   
D-EMME    PA-18   
D-EMPC    Ce 152   
D-ENIN    Turbulent   
D-EOLD    Taylorcraft BC12   
D-EPJF    Tecnam Sierra   
D-ERAP    Dallach Fascination   
D-ETEW    Extra 300   
D-GALF    PA-30   
D-KAVH    Falke   
G-ZECH    Sportcruiser    (O/H)
HB-KOM    TB20   

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